The Keeper Program
Together we can do ANYTHING!

Our Goal

The goal of The Keeper Program is to help girls and boys understand how valuable they are in their class, their school, and in their society. We want to help kids believe that they can always make a difference in any situation that they may find themselves in. As a program, we are wanting to instill confidence and boost self esteem so that kids can be positive role models, in and out of the classroom. Once they are able to see their overall potential they will be able to set appropriate goals for themselves, evaluate their behaviors and actions, and be a positive role model to their peers. We want this program to cut down crime rates, dropout rates and increase academic scores and graduation rates. We would also like this program to be an outlet where girls and boys can speak about their problems and successes to each other to help them develop into their sister's and brother's keeper. 

Our Plan

The Keeper Program will include interactive lessons that will target issues that these students face on a daily basis. There will also be speakers that will talk to the group about how they've reached success. Because we believe in giving back to the community, we will make it a priority to participate in at least one community service project to empower girls and boys to help make a difference in their community. 

Recent News

  • We will celebrate My Sister's Keeper's 5th year anniversary on March 24th. Details coming soon!
  • My Sister's Keeper won a Bright Ideas Grant from Union Power Cooperative. Thank you Union Power!
  • The Keeper Program will be hosting The Keeper Retreat at Wingate University this summer. Details coming soon!
  • Thanks to "Our Towns" newspaper and "Carolina Country" magazine for mentioning our program!
  • My Sister's Keeper Part 2 will start meeting at East Union Middle School on March 5th!