Get Involved

"One of the greatest gifts you can give is your time."

Volunteer with us!

Our program is full of girls and boys who look forward to having someone to look up to.  We participate in discussion activities, but also creative and physical activities. Some activities include talent shows, competitions, and team building activities. We also have our Summer Retreat where we continue character building lessons and activities along with summer fun. If you would love to volunteer with us please email! 

Become a guest speaker!

Another way you can get involved is by becoming a guest speaker. Two or three times a month we have guest speakers from our community come in and talk to the girls and boys about how to overcome challenges and how a sister or brother has helped them in their life. These stories are very powerful and stick with the students well beyond that day. If you are interested in sharing your story, please contact!

Become a Mentor!

In the Keeper Program we have boys and girls eager to share stories and experiences with people who will listen. They would greatly benefit from someone who is passionate and dedicated to come in and eat lunch with them, spend time with them during their recess time, or hang out with them during the meetings. If you have a passion for mentoring please email!