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Together We Can Do ANYTHING!

This year, The Keeper Program is looking for people who would like to help make the members in our program have a special Christmas. 

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The Keeper Program is a nonprofit organization that strives to uplift and motivate our young leaders around the world through communication, problem solving, creativity, and community service. Our motto is that we can only do so much individually, but TOGETHER WE CAN DO ANYTHING! 

**The Keeper Program welcomes My Sister's Keeper at Prospect Elementary!**

** The Keeper Program welcomes mentors at Forest Hills High School!**

** The Keeper Program welcomes MSK and MBK at East Union Middle School!**

Sign up for the 2023 Fall season. If you have a child who is in 3rd-12th grade or know of someone who would be interested in joining our program, please sign up! Our program is looking for young boys and girls who would like to be a part of a sisterhood or brotherhood. 

2023 Fall season Sign Up Form  

High School Mentee Application:

 “Giving is not just about making a donation. It is about making a difference.” Kathy Calvin

We <3 our sponsors!                                          Austin Grove Baptist Church


                                                  Serve Unity Outreach                        

                                                    Bold Faith Community Church

                                                     The Williams Family                                                

                                              The Holiday Inn and Suites                                    

                                                            Angelia James