Meet The Team

"Let's root for each other and watch each other grow!"

Joya Wortham

Creator and Executive Director

Ms. Joya Wortham works for Union County Public Schools as an educator and is the Founder and Director of The Keeper Program. Joya graduated from Wingate University with a Bachelor's degree in Education and has a Masters degree in School Administration. She created the program to help students in the community realize how valuable they are and how successful they can become, regardless of what they go through in life. "There are many students that get into bad situations because they are overlooked and undervalued. I refuse to let this continue! I believe in spreading love to all students. I am hoping that this program not only transforms students but also leaves a lasting impression that will keep them on the right track beyond their academic years."

I'sis Perry

Assistant Executive Director

Ms. I'sis Perry has been volunteering for The Keeper Program the last 5 years. She works as a Research Monitor and Educator at a local hospital, but believes working for and with the kids is infinitely more valuable. "I love this program and everything it stands for. It might be a bit selfish, but...I might get more out of it than the kids! It's rare to be able to be a part of something that reflects such pure love and human connection."

Moriah Perry

Project Manager/Creative Director

Ms. Moriah Perry is a Charlotte native who is graduate from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill with a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology. Moriah has been volunteering with The Keeper Program for four years. She loves connecting with and mentoring to the members in our program. "I love doing anything artistic and creative and I enjoy helping kids develop in healthy ways. These kids are our future, so being able to work with them and foster an environment where we can help them be successful and happy in life is a true blessing to me."

Kanesha Massey

Parent and Community Liaison

Mrs. Kanesha Massey will be acting as our parent and community liaison. She was born and raised in Marshville, NC and graduated from Forest Hills High School in 2008. She is a very active wife and mother of five children. Currently, she is employed at LGS and The Boys and Girls Club. Kanesha has always wanted to be able to work with children and young adults, assisting them with anything she can. She has worked with children in many settings in her life, but being their support person has always been her number one focus. Kanesha joining the team is a dream come true, for herself.

Jonathen Robinson

Student Ambassador

Mr. Jonathen Robinson has been in the program since his 4th grade year, and he is now a Freshman in high school. "My name is Jonathen and The Keeper Program has really changed my ways and how I look at things in life. The lessons it has taught me from 4th grade, I still apply to my life today. It really blows my mind how much time has flown by."

Brigette Garcia

Student Ambassador

"My name is Brigette, I attend Forest Hills High school. When it comes to young adults like me I love to show partnership and respect. I also love to be active I play sports as in volleyball and soccer. I love nature. And over all I love spending time with friends and family."

Danny Blue

Recruitment Manager 

Mr. Danny Blue Jr. is an author, entrepreneur and business professional from Baltimore, Maryland. He is a graduate of Wingate University with a Bachelor's degree in Sports Management and a Master's Degree in Business Administration. Danny has been volunteering with The Keeper's Program for 3 years and acts as a mentor to several boys in the program. "We have to be the change we want to see, and the only way to do that is to pour into the next generation of leaders."  

Jamilla Johnson

In house literacy advocate  

Mrs. Jamilla Johnson is an accomplished writer and educator who has worked in the private sector as a Literacy teacher for almost a decade. Before teaching and cancer, Jamilla was a Marketing Advisor for Converges (General Motors - OnStar) and contributed to the international ad campaign known as "Real Stories". She has been active in many church schools, donating her time and skills to assist or build strong literacy programs. Her dedication to the success of the children brought into her sphere of influence is clear, and she is excited to lend her skills to the Keeper Program.  The Keeper Program starts with the seeds of a child's heart, and seeks to grow a forest, and Jamilla is honored to be one of the gardeners allowed to watch these saplings grow.